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Welcome to Rabbi Shafir's Space -- this space is a portal into different aspects of Rabbi Shafir

It has links to many things that I do and think about.  Please feel free to contact me with your feedback.
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Short Biography of Reb Shafir
Reb Shafir's Bio & related articles
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Yahrzeits and Memorials of various people
Yahrzeits and Memorials
Torah Cards (sets of 8) for each Parsha of the Torah
Torah Cards
Links to Reb Shafir's book on her own spiritual journey
Book Reb Shafir is working on currently about the teachings of her father, Reb Sholom (z'l)
White Fire on White Fire
Article's that Reb Shafir has written
Book of Teachings on Torah's White Spaces
The links on this page are definitely in process, as are many of my projects.  If you move your cursor over the Hamsa (hand graphic), then the computer will tell you a little about that project, even if the link is not yet working.

Toda (thanks) for exploring my worlds.
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Special Prayers and Musings
Some Prayers and Musings
Special thoughts and prayers
Links to a message board to ask Reb Shafir a question and read previous questions and her answers
Links to a page that has info on Reb Shafir's new Meditation CD
Ask Rabbi Shafir
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Reb Shafir works as a spiritual coach for those working on their own journeys
Spiritual / Life Coach
Brings up the Cheshbon Nefesh Workbook
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Links to some thoughts about things that would not normally be on a web page like this
General stuff
Links to a book on examining what we mean by G O D
I breathe, therefore You are
Links to some visualizations Rabbi Shafir wrote
Links to Rabbi Shafir's Smicha (Ordination) Ceremony
Smicha (Ordination) Ceremony - Pictures
An active
Link to the Neshama Soul Breath Foundation
Neshama Soul Breath Foundation
Computer Mezuzah
Links to images of Rabbi Shafir's certificates of smichut (ordination)
Links to other sites
Certificates of Smicha (Ordination)
Links to Reb Shafir's book on her own spiritual journey
Omer Calendar
Links to Reb Shafir's book on her own spiritual journey
Teachings of Rav Sholom (z'l)
Links to Reb Shafir's book on her own spiritual journey
Siddurim sample pages
To Life! Prayer Book series
Congregation Eitz Chayim