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B'reyshit (Genesis)
Parsha of the Week:
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B'reyshit (In the beginning)
No'akh (Noah)
Lekh L'cha (Go for your self)
Vayeyra (He appeared)
Khayay Sarah (The life of Sarah)
Toldot (Generations)
Vayeytzey (He went out)
Vayiysh'lakh (He sent)
V'yayshev (He dwelt)
Mikeytz (At the end)
Vayigash (He approached)
Vay'khi (He lived)
Sh'mot (Exodus)
Sh'mot (Names)
Vayik'ra (Leviticus)
B'midbar (Numbers)
B'midbar (In the wilderness)
D'varim (Deuteronomy)
D'varim (Words)
Va'eyra (I appeared)
Bo (Go! or Come!)
B'shalakh (When he sent)
Yit'ro (Yitro (Moshe's father-in-law))
Mish'patiym (Judgements)   5762
T'ruma (Offering)
T'tzaveh (You will command)   5762   5763
Ki Tisa (When you burden)   5762
Vayak'heyl (He assembled)
P'kudey (Sums of)

Vayik'ra (He called out to)
Tzav (Command!)
Sh'mini (Eighth)
Taz'riya (Conceives)
M'tzora' (Leprosy)
Akharey Mot (After the death)   5762
K'doshim (Holy)   5762
Emor (Say!)
B'har (In the mountain)
B'khukotai (In My statutes)

Naso (You will burden)
B'ha'alot'kha (When you raise up(offer))
Sh'lakh L'kha (You Send!)
Korakh (Korakh -- a rebellious Levite)    5763
Khukat (Statute)    5763
Balak (Balak -- King of Mo'av)    5763
Pin'khas (Pin'khas -- grandson of Aharon)    5763
Matot (Tribes)    5763
Mas'ey (Journeys)    5763
Et'chanan (I pleaded)
'Eykev (As a result of)   5762
R'ey (See!)
Shof'tiym (Judges)
Ki Teytzey (When you go out)
Ki Tavo (When you come)
Niytzavim (You stand up)
Vayeylekh (He went)
Ha'azinu (Give ears)
V'zot Hab'racha (And this is the blessing)
B'reyshit (Genesis)
Sh'mot (Exodus)
Vayik'ra (Leviticus)
B'midbar (Numbers)
D'varim (Deuteronomy)
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Parshayot (weekly portions) are divided by Seferim (books).  Please click the sefer to go to the Parshayot in that sefer or scroll down to find the Parsha of interest.
The first year, 5761, is linked to the Parsha title.  
5762 is linked to the year 5762 following the desired title.
5763 is linked to the year 5763 following the desired title, and so on.
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