A Prayer for all on Sept 11, 2001

This is a prayer written for the souls lost to us on September 11, 2001 when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked with hijacked commercial airliners.  266 passengers and aircrew were in the planes that were crashed into these buildings  or crashed as those aboard struggled with the hijckers.  The official count of the dead is _______ people.
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Oh Holy One, full of compassion,
You who dwell within us and surrounding us,
spread Your love to the souls who have departed
under the wings of the Sh'khina.
May they find Your Presence
with all the holy and pure ones who shine
amidst the highest shining of heaven.

We pray for their souls
and the souls of those they have touched
and for the souls of all
who have gone to their worlds.

Oh Master of Forgiveness,
Be merciful and gracious to them,
protect them in the soft love
of your wings full reach.

May they find their place
in the everlasting flow
that runs through all of us
and all souls 
today and forever.

You are their inheritance
and ours.

You are the river that flows through them now
with the Energy and love that shelters all.

We pray to you as we, too,
release their sparks
to join with You
for all time.

and let us say,

(c) 2001 Shafir Lobb  All Rights reserved
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