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Several years ago, my Rebbe, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, asked the question: What is the appropriate mezuzah for a computer?  Another way to understand this is as: What do we place at the doorway of this new miracle space to remind us of its sanctity and power as we enter and leave it? 

Rabbi Reuel Karpov has suggested a strong positive answer: that we sanctify our computering day by doing a few very simple mitzvot (good deeds) for the sake of our planet.

So far, many of us are clicking on some important websites each day: 


which donates food to the hungry.  About 24,000 people die every day from hunger or hunger-related causes. This is down from 35,000 ten years ago, and 41,000 twenty years ago. Three-fourths of the deaths are children under the age of five. 


which purchases and preserves acres of the rainforest and its species (coordinated by Nature Conservancy).


which helps in the fight for children's health.


providing food for some of the 27 million unwanted animals given to shelters in the US every year. Over 10 million animals are put to death every year in the US alone because they are unwanted, abandoned, or abused. 


which donates free mamograms to underpriviledged women.

Clicking these sites costs you nothing but a few moments of time.  You do not need to identify yourself.  Doing this has not put you on any lists or bring any unwanted e-mail. 

If you know of other sites which should be added to this list, please let us know and we will add them. 

Thanks for taking the time.

Support the fight against Breast CancerSupport the fight against Breast Cancer
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