Prayer for the New Year 5762

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This is a special prayer that I wrote as Rosh Hashanah was approaching so soon after September 11, 2001.  Our tradition teaches that we are to take a respite from mourning and grief to appreciate the holy day and all that it entails and implies.  However, I was finding the transition very difficult because of the immensity of loss with these events.  I wrote this prayer as an offering to those touched by this tragedy and also finding the transition difficult and to the One who breathed these lives into existence and felt them no longer breathe. 

Dear One of many Names,

Please hear my voice as I call upon you in so many ways.
In a few moments, the sun will dip down between the hills and the                     trees
And this year will close on us.

It was a shaky year at its best
And its worst is beyond description.
How your Host must have cried to see so many Souls rent.

The darkness of the first night will fall soon
And we need You now, more than ever.
Help us face this coming year Compassionate One.

Help us hold our tempers when they seek to flare,
Help us be strong when others need some help
Help us have enough to give when so much is needed.

Help us be wise and thoughtful and think things through well
Help us to see the good where ever it may surface
Help us to remember that life is Your precious gift.

It is a new year and so we do have a fresh start
We can do better at things, even if just a little bit
Maybe we will remember to live every day as if it were our last.

Let us look at each new day with wonder and gratitude
Let us cherish the memories and the knowledge of sharing
Let us seek You in everyone and every thing.

And most of all, may we be fully present
May we feel Your Presence and acknowledge it every day
May we help others see Your Presence in how we live every day.

(c) 2001 Shafir Lobb  (Reproduce freely and please maintain copyright info)

Thank You, Source of All for making me part of Your Universe
Even if I don't understand it today or even tomorrow
Or even the day after that.

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